Custom built motor yachts

You are not the one to own what everyone owns? And patience is not your kind of cookie? You are looking for something special, a yacht that mirrors your exceptionalism? The case is clear: You are the future owner of a custom built yacht. However, as yards are pretty busy these days, waiting three or more years is not an option. Why not look for a one off yacht in brokerage? No problem, when you have a partner at your side, that knows the market by heart and who understands your wishes. Ideal, if that partner is also able to pick the cherry from the yachts at offer, by being able to evaluate the condition of the yacht. Dirk Blom is that partner. Vast experience and an in depth technical understanding help to let you sail away with the boat of your dreams at short notice. Interested? Why not get in touch and tell us about your ideas? We are looking forward to your challenge!