Dirk Blom – Ships from Holland

What seems like three simple words, in fact comes with an entire World of knowledge and experience. Ships of the highest quality, built by well trained experts, in Holland. A Country that mainly lies below sea level and therefore has ages of tradition in ship building. ‘Ships from Holland’ - That is what we stand for and what we know more about than many others.

If you are looking for a yacht or a ship, new or pre-owned, there is one thing that we guarantee: We can find just the boat you are looking for. No one we think comes close to finding exactly what you are dreaming of. No concessions. We know what is on offer at any given moment. We know the market by heart – ‘Like our pocket,’ as they say in Holland!

Custom built ships in Holland is a World we are very familiar with and there is so much to take in to consideration. What may be an advantage for one owner, might be a disadvantage for another. What a relief then, to have someone by your side who is walking in your shoes, bringing innovative, constructive ideas, regardless of whether you are considering purchasing a pre-owned or new ship. From your first glimpse at the market, to delivery and beyond, we have the ability to accompany you throughout your entire boating life, personally and with an attention to detail.

What makes us who we are? Quality, Innovation, Design and Dutch made-to-measure solutions. We are specialists in:

  • Lemsteraken
  • Custom built sailing yachts
  • Custom built motor yachts

We take care of your future boat - a boat that you own without the slightest doubt, just the boat you ever dreamed of. Isn´t that a satisfying thought? Standing at the helm of your own yacht!

Feel free to give us a call at any time with no obligation. We are very keen to learn more about your wishes + 31 (0) 514 52 33 33.